Organic Automated Intelligence Inc (OAI) is a powerhouse technology innovation team.

Co-founder and Senior Research Lead, Sun Yu-li

Yu-li discovered and graphed the Universal Language (UL)

COO, V Owen Bush,

As CEO of SpaceoutVR Inc in 2017 Owen won awards for groundbreaking uses of IBM Watson AI (artificial intelligence) in virtual reality.

OAI is gathering and analysing empirical data to test our Software as a Service (SaaS) framework, with psychometric personality research operating with the Mirrored app.

OAI is helping software developers make computers “people-literate”. OAI uses a comprehensive model of people and relationships, based on one simple interpretive, and ultimately empowering, UL process.

OAI mission is to interface computers humanely with, and provide equal benefit to, all people - not just computer-literates.

OAI algorithms and mechanics run Jungian psychology models of people with minds and souls.

OAI interfaces people with the UL.

Everyone affected by “people-literate” branded computer systems will benefit from and demand them.


Organic AI is dedicated to improving AI to help as many people as possible. We will develop kit for software studios to upgrade the model of people to a Jungian style psychology combined with Energy Medicine. Computers will become people-literate by processing people’s identities ethically and realistically.


The UL (universal language of OAI co-founder Sun Yu-li) is poised to become the Holy Grail of information science. Today’s standard AI architecture stores expert data in knowledge silos, forming isolated database systems that don’t play well with others. With the universal key in the simple UL algorithm, OAI will disrupt the AI standard and enable inter-silo collaboration. OAI will make new standards with new types of automated knowledge, wisdom and compassion.

Information Architecture

Computers are data processing machines: changing the data architecture - the dataset specification, low-level processes, and interfaces - network, and interpreter, will enable OAI to change culture. People will come to believe computers are automated compassion machines. The OAI vision is global, as is the market; bigger than elitist mega corporations who serve themselves and people who look and think like them. With less-costly rule-based solutions, compared with the Big Data ML (machine learning) AI standard, the OAI model of people will improve on AI generally.

Use case example

The Mirrored app will build-out to improve on the Myers-Briggs system (MBTI®). OAI CEO Neil Alers’ Psychological Counseling M.A. program included certification in MBTI administration. Neil also has an M.S. in Computer Information Systems. OAI is engineering the Mirrored world to improve speed (four questions instead of 93), inclusivity (25 archetypes instead of 16), and simplifying team formation automation, compared with the MBTI. MBTI annually sells 3.5 million units primarily to mega corporation Human Resources departments. Uses for the MBTI in the performance space will be served and improved upon at mid-sized and small companies who compete with mega corporations by using the OAI.Recruiter. Since the MBTI is not a scientifically valid instrument - it does not do what it claims to do - and the components of OAI will be tested, researched and improved upon until they are validated, penetrating this market will be easy.


OAI will quickly become associated with mission-critical computer systems. OAI defines success as reaching profitability by the end of 18 months operating with OAI.Recruiter under a subscription business model. OAI will undercut the basic cost of working with IBM WatsonAI by 50%. Monthly subscriptions to OAI.Recruiter will begin at $9.99.


OAI.Recruiter revenue will prove the power and value of the OAI.Platform as a must-have system-enhancing technology.

Standard and next-generation AI are based on “black box”, Behaviorist psychology. OAI uses a critical component they lack: a dynamic, holistic model of people; mind, body and soul. The predicted next-generation of AI, “artificial general intelligence” (AGI), reuses the vacuous black box. This shortcoming will keep AGI weak, regardless of how much our competitor, OpenAI (funded over $1billion) aspires to serve people over profiting companies. The black box will constrain AI and AGI to being “artificial”, and their reinforcement learning (RL) process to reflecting people as mindless, controllable animals. It is reasonable to fear AI systems made with RL. OrganicAI is better: comprehensive, humane, and service-oriented. Ethical OAI is making computers people-literate™.

This website,, with links to the Mirrored app, launches a new type of computer system, aspiring to combine scientific certainty with spiritual mystery, for social good.

Thank you for helping launch the OAI software development platform and our research app, Mirrored!