Q: What are the five Mirrored app modules?


1. OAI avatar tailoring interview

2. Archetype screen

3. Mirrored world

4. Community display online

5. T-shirt design & fulfillment

Q: What are the main UX (user experience) features?

A: Mirrored UX features

1. Listen to custom-composed Celestial Music
Music helps you reflect on our flow with the universe

2. Interact with five question Mirrored archetypal avatar interview
First-to-market public app with assistant using AGI

3. Choose one personal archetype
Among 25 archetypes designed and assembled for Mirrored

4. Receive free self-tailoring avatar icon and poetry
Custom-made to reflect on archetype name and roles

5. Choose archetypes for your best friends from all social media outlets
Make a Mirrored neighborhood with your closest real friends

6. Design personalized T-shirts
Use your icon and your friends’ profile pictures

7. Share T-shirt design process with your friends (in real life)
Bridge from virtual to real worlds (cool!)

8. Commit your design to fabric
Order your T-shirt from Mirrored app

9. Enjoy feeling anticipation for two weeks
Then wear your unique self-tailored community T-shirt!

Q: How does Mirrored avatar interview work?

A: Each starting question can lead to any one of the 25 Mirrored avatars.

Q: What does it mean when I take the interview twice and Mirrored discovers different archetypes?

A: We each have multi-faceted personalities. Mirrored can help you reflect on several related archetypes. Choose one you want to explore today.

Q: What can I do in the Mirrored world?

A: Explore avatar screen icons, descriptions, poetry, roles, and characteristics. Guess your friends’ avatars and invite them to join you in your mirrored world. Who will you invite first?

Q: How will Mirrored tools help me?

A: Gain insights about yourself, your best friends, and your community.

Make self-personalizing T-shirts.

Q: When are good times to use the Mirrored app?

A: Like a 21st Century fortune cookie, when you want “inside” advice, consult your avatar screen and listen for hidden meanings in your archetype’s poetry